What We Do Best

Domestique is a one stop boutique service provider for all of your household's needs. Spend more time doing the things you love vs. stressing about all of the tasks left on your to-do lists. Our motto is simple and our services are convenient, straight forward and always done with each client's specific needs in mind. 

Let Domestique help you curb the chaos of modern life by getting your casa in tip-top shape! 

Our Story

Domestique has been in the making for over a decade!  

Our founder and owner, Bethany, has been in the domestic service industry for the past 18 years.  She has helped dozens of families curb the chaos of modern life by providing them with dependable household services ranging from organizing to nannying to planning one-of-a-kind parties and events.  Bethany not only has the  experience of running households of all types and sizes combined, but the discretion and dependability to back it up.

Cool Fact

domestique (plural domestiques)

  1. (cycling) A rider on a cycle racing team whose role is to assist the team's designated leaders even if at the expense of his/her own individual performance.
  2. In French, the term used is "√©quipier". In Italy and Spain, the term used is gregario (meaning "soldier of the Roman legions" or "one of the group" In Belgium and the Netherlands the term knecht (meaning "servant" or "helper" in Dutch) is used.